Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ryan Wrestling

Ryan has wanted to join the wrestling world for a few years now. He hasn't really ever watched anyone wrestle, but just thought he would enjoy it. He started practice every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon and has really enjoyed it. This was his first experience actually 'wrestling'! It was fun to see him, since he wasn't entirely sure what to do. I (Stephen) wasn't much help since I've never wrestled a match in my life. I told him to stay off his back and to ignore what we've been telling him for the past 5 years "be soft with your sisters". He had learned to shoot for the legs and then how to roll off of his back. It was a real learning experience for him. His first match he pinned the kid pretty fast, and we all cheered. The second match went all three rounds (1:30 each). It wasn't a real good experience for him as he was pretty beat up at the end, but he never got pinned. The third match was fairly quick also, but ended in Ryan being on his back.

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Margie said...

Way to go Ryan! Now I can call you my "Wrestling Ryan". That's the way to take it to the mat.